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Practice management software for doctors

eClinic screenshoteClinic vist entry screen
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eClinic is a simple to use practice management software for doctors. eClinic includes lot of shortcuts to make entry of patient history, symptoms, diagnosis, prescription etc. easy for doctors. eClinic can also generate statistical charts and reports based on the patient data.

Features of eClinic

Personal accounting software

SelfAccounts is a simple to use personal accounting software. No prior accountancy knowledge is required to start using SelfAccounts, you can start using it from day one. 

SelfAccounts features 
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Password manager software

QuickLogin is a password manager to store all your site passwords.  Sites stored in QuickLogin can be launched in web browser and it will auto login using the stored username and password.
QuickLogin features
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Bandwidth monitor software

Simple to use bandwidth monitoring software to track Internet bandwidth usage. It remains in tray and displays the bandwidth usage in current session, day and month.
More details here - 
ShaPlus Bandwdith meter

BSNL Broadband usage finder

Easy way to check BSNL broadband usage, also displays daily usage, charts , summary of usage and estimated broadband bill.
More details here - BSNL Usage finder

ShaPlus Info series for PC and mobiles

Currently there are 3 products in this series, ShaPlus Mobile Info , ShaPlus STD Info and ShaPlus IMEI Info.

ShaPlus Mobile Info display state/region and network operator of any given Indian mobile number. 
ShaPlus STD Info is Indian STD codes finder, supports search by city name and by STD code.
UK STD Info is United Kingdom telephone area codes finder , supports search by city name and by area code.
ShaPlus IMEI Info gives model and manufacturer of entered IMEI number. It also check validity of any given IMEI number.

Misc language tools

GlobalSpellCheckerCheck the spelling or meaning of words from any application (requires MS Office).
ShaPlus Translator : Instantly translate text in any application using Google Translate (supports 41 languages)

Quran softwares

QuranReciter is free Quran software with complete Quran recitation and translations in 25 different languages. More details here - QuranReciter