ShaPlus Mobile Info - Mobile number locator

Trace location and operator of any Indian Mobile Number

This is a freeware to find the location (Region/state) and cellular operator of any given Mobile number(Indian numbers only). Mobile number can be either entered (first 5 digits) or can be selected from the mobile's contacts list. Android and Java phone can also lookup all Indian STD Codes.

In Android version, on Incoming and outgoing calls, an alert is displayed to show the location of call.

This is an offline application, no need of internet connection(GPRS) to function. Different versions are available for Windows, Java supported mobile phones and android phones.

Screen Shot

Mobile Info for PC screen shot

Incoming call alert (only in android version)



For Mobile Phone
For Android mobiles (Android version is named ShaPlus Caller Info)
Last updated : 4 Dec 2014

Download from Android Market (223 KB) v3.8

Now displays mobile info on incoming call and outgoing call.

For Java (J2ME) supported mobile phones
Last updated : 4 Dec 2014
ShaPlus_Mobile_Info.jar version 4.8 (140 KB)
ShaPlus_Mobile_Info.jad (click this to install from phone)
For Desktop PC

For Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7, Windows 8
Last updated : 5 Dec 2014

Now supports checking multiple entries.
ShaPlusMobileInfo.exe v3.6 (220 KB)

Requires Java Runtimes Installed

For Linux, Unix and MAC OS

ShaPlusMobileInfo.tar.gz (51 KB)

ShaPlus Mobile info in Google Talk

Add as contact in Google Talk

Read more details about ShaPlus Bot here

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Cellular operators identified

Regions/states identified

Andhra Pradesh,Assam,Bihar & Jharkhand,Chennai,Delhi,Gujrat,Himachal Pradesh,Haryana,Jammu & Kashmir,Kerala,Karnataka,Kolkata,Maharashtra,Madhya Pradesh & Chhattisgarh,Mumbai,North East,Orissa,Punjab,Rajasthan,Tamilnadu,Uttar Pradesh(East),Uttar Pradesh(West) & Uttarakhand, West Bengal & Andaman Nikobar

Supported device

All Java enabled Mobile phones
Android Mobile Phones
Desktop PC running Windows XP , Windows Vista, Windows 7 & Windows 8

Frequently asked Questions

Q: Now Mobile number portability (MNP) has been launched in India, so will this software work as before ?
A : Only the location will be correct and operator displayed will not be right for numbers ported using MNP.

Q: When I entered 9xxx, it is displayed as "Not Available". Why is it so ?
A : New series of numbers are allotted regularly and the number you checked is a newer series number not included in this tool. We will try to update this tool when we get information regarding this. Please let us know if you do not find any series.

Q: Can I know the name and address of the owner of a given mobile number with this tool?
A : No, it is just a lookup tool to identify the region and operator based on the starting few numbers of the mobile.

Q: Will the region be correct when the person is Roaming ?
A : Again No, It will just display the region where this Mobile number is allotted.


This software is provided as it is without any guarantee of accuracy. In case you find any mistake in the software, please let us know.