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QuranReciter is for Windows 10/8/7/Vista/XP and is around 400 MB of download. To make it easy, installation is split into 3 steps. Main installation is only around 4 MB which has audio of surah al-fathiha only. Rest of the audio and additonal translations can be downloaded separately as required.

Step 1 - QuranReciter main installation file

Download QuranReciter 4.1 Main Installation file : QRInstall4.1.exe (3.88 MB)
Last updated : 22 November 2015

Step 2 - Install Audio files for QuranReciter

Important : Installation of following Audio Installers can be done only after Installing the main Installation file given above.
Reopen QuranReciter after installing these files.
Audio Installer for Sura 89 to 114QR-MP3-89to114.exe (6.28 MB)
Audio Installer for Sura 78 to 88QR-MP3-78to88.exe (7.59 MB)
Audio Installer for Sura 50 to 77QR-MP3-50to77.exe (47.0 MB)
Audio Installer for Sura 30 to 49QR-MP3-30to49.exe (80.6 MB)
Audio Installer for Sura 15 to 29QR-MP3-15to29.exe (101 MB)
Audio Installer for Sura 5 to 14QR-MP3-05to14.exe (108 MB)
Audio Installer for Sura 2 to 4QR-MP3-02to04.exe (73.4 MB)
Quran mp3 files can also be downloaded one by one as MP3 files and copied to C:\Program files\QuranReciter\MP3\

STEP 3 - Install additional translations for QuranReciter 4.1
In addition to translations included in main installation, additional translations can be installed from here. After installing these translations below, you can change the translation using select button.

TIP : QuranReciter supports 5 layouts, each layout can have different translations. Shortcut keys K and L can be used to switch between layouts.
TranslatorDownloadLast updated
English Translations
Word by Word meaning in seperate WindowDownload26 Nov 2015
English TransliterationDownload26 Nov 2015
Ahmed AliDownload26 Nov 2015
Arberry A.JDownload26 Nov 2015
Abdul Majid DaryabadiDownload26 Nov 2015
Talal ItaniDownload26 Nov 2015
Marmaduke PickthallDownload26 Nov 2015
Ali Quli QaraiDownload26 Nov 2015
Hasan al-Fatih Qaribullah and Ahmad DarwishDownload26 Nov 2015
Saheeh InternationalDownload26 Nov 2015
Muhammad SarwarDownload26 Nov 2015
Mohammad Habib ShakirDownload26 Nov 2015
Wahiduddin KhanIncluded with main installaion26 Nov 2015
Abdullah Yusuf AliIncluded with main installaion26 Nov 2015
Albanian Translation
Sherif AhmetiDownload30 Nov 2015
Azerbaijani Translation
Vasim Mammadaliyev and Ziya BunyadovDownload8 March 2007
Bengali Translation
Muhiuddin KhanDownload1 March 2009
Bosnian Translation
Besim KorkutDownload 3 June 2010
Chinese Translation
Ma Jian (Simplified)Download 8 March 2007
Ma Jian (Traditional)Download 8 March 2007
Divehi (Maldivian language) Translation
Office of the President of MaldivesDownload 29 Nov 2015
Dutch Translation
Dutch translationDownload8 March 2007
Finnish Translation
Finnish translationDownload 1 June 2010
French Translation
Muhammad HamidullahDownload 8 March 2007
German Translation
Abu Rida MuhammadDownload 8 March 2007
Indonesian Translation
Bahasa IndonesiaDownload 7 June 2010
Italian Translation
Hamza Roberto PiccardoDownload8 March 2007
Japanese Translation
JapaneseDownload 8 March 2007
Korean Translation
KoreanDownload8 March 2007
Malayalam Translation
Abdul Hameed and Kunhi MohammedDownload8 March 2007
Malay Translation
Abdullah Muhammad BasmeihDownload8 March 2007
Persian Translation
Mostafa KhorramdelDownload05 August 2012
Naser Makarem ShiraziDownload8 March 2007
Polish Translation
Józefa BielawskiegoDownload8 March 2007
Portuguese Translation
Samir El-HayekDownload8 March 2007
Russian Translation
Elmir KulievDownload 17 May 2007
Spanish Translation
Julio CortesDownload8 March 2007
Swahili Translation
Ali Muhsin Al-BarwaniDownload8 March 2007
Tamil Translation
Jan Turst FoundationDownload30 December 2009
Thai Translation
King Fahad Quran ComplexDownload8 March 2007
Turkish Translation
Diyanet VakfiDownload 8 March 2007
Urdu Translation
Fateh Muhammad JalandhryDownload1 Nov 2018