SelfAccounts is a simple to use personal accounting software.

No prior accountancy knowledge is required to start using SelfAccounts.

SelfAccounts - Features
  • Very simple to use, no complicated accounting terms, anyone can start using it from day one.
  • Can be used by doctors, engineers, lawyers, small business firms, educational institutions, professionals, salary class people, self employed people etc.. for maintaining their accounts (If you are having questions on how it can be used for accounting any particular situation, contact us for free assistance).
  • Can be used to keep your day to day accounts or any particular financial transactions. It can be used as your bank book, assets manager or as a personal stock/inventory keeper.
  • All listings and reports are interlinked for easy browsing of entered data.
  • SelfAccounts files can be made password protected.
  • Supports multiple files, so that you can keep different SelfAccount files for different purposes.
  • Tiny installation file (less than 1 MB), so that it can be easily carried in pen drive or flash drive.
For more details, view screenshots or download SelfAccounts