ShaPlus Bots for Google Talk

ShaPlus Bots are bots for Google talk ( or any other jabber clients ) which can be used for finding location and operator of Indian mobile number or for finding Indian STD codes. 

ShaPlus bots is hosted in Google servers (at ).

How to use

  1. In Google Talk, Select "Add" and add as contact.
  2. Now you will find the as online.
  3. start a chat session with by clicking on it.
  4. Type the mobile number or std code you want to find to . e.g. : mobile : 9999 or std :Bangalore
  5.  will return back the results found.


Available Bots

  Bot Name   Description and Available Commands


std : <std code or city name>   
    std : 49 
    std : bangalore

mobile : <starting 4 or 5 digits of indian mobile number>
    mobile : 98471
    mobile : 9999

This bot can be added if you want to trace mobile location only

Enter the starting 4 or 5 digits of the Mobile number (no need of prefixing mobile : ), it will return the location and operator


This bot can be added if you want to find STD codes only

Enter any STD code or starting letters of city (no need of prefixing std :  ), it willl return matching STD codes

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