How to learn to type faster

Learning to type faster will save you lot of time if you are a regular computer user. Eventhough I have been working in computer field for long it was around two years ago I learned proper touch typing.

First Step : Learning proper keyboard fingering

First thing to learn while learning touch typing is learning to use right fingers for typing letters. You should be able to type all the letters without looking at the keyboard using the correct finger for each key. This can be practiced using number of software/sites. If you are a Windows user, you can try ShaPlus Typing game which lets you pracitce proper fingering. This is a simple game where user has to type the falling letters before reaching the bottom of screen. There is practice mode in this program, where you can select the keys that are to be practiced. So initially you can practice middle row letters and gradually move on to complete keyboard letters. This program has option to learn other language alphabets also. If you are not using Windows, then you can try Abowman Type-it, which is similar.

Second Step : Practice typing words

After you have got the correct fingering and can type without looking at the keyboard, you need to practice typing words. Usually when a touch typist type, he won't type letter by letter but word by word. This means when a typist see a word, the letters flow into hands instantly. This can be developed only by practice. You can practice typing words using a good typing tutor. One good typing tutor software is Rapid Typing. if you like to practice using games, you can try Eidosk Fast Typer 3