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From this site you can download TinyQuran, which is a program designed to help memorise Quran for Java enabled mobile phones and handheld devices(MIDP 2.0 enabled devices).
Features of TinyQuran
- Verse by Verse listing
- Range option to loop through range of verses
- Option to remember last closed state
Limitations of TinyQuran
- Works only on phones which has Arabic support. Most recent phones do have this, but some phones don't display "thashkeel".
Download for phones supporting 350kb jar size.
Download for phones not supporting 350 kb jar files
Sura 1 to 10 - TinyQuran1.jar (113 KB) TinyQuran1.jad
Sura 11 to 25 - TinyQuran2.jar (90.4 KB) TinyQuran2.jad
Sura 26 to 50 - TinyQuran3.jar (99.1 KB) TinyQuran3.jad
Sura 51 to 114 - TinyQuran4.jar (73.8 KB) TinyQuran4.jad