ShaPlus STD Info - STD codes finder

Freeware to search Indian STD codes

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  • Search By city name and search by STD code
  • Option to search only selected state
  • Search as you type ( in supported mobiles)
  • All Indian STD codes and cities from BSNL STD search site included
This is an offline application, no need of internet connection or GPRS to function. Different versions are available for Windows(XP, Vista and Win 7), Android phones, Java supported mobile phones (MIDP) and Windows Mobile.

Screen Shot (Java supported mobile)



For Java (J2ME) supported mobile phones 
(Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, Sony-Ericsson, 
BlackBerry etc.)

   ShaPlus_STD_Info.jar  version 1.3 (49 kb)
   ShaPlus_STD_Info.jad (click this to install from phone)
Last updated : 29 Nov 2011
For Android Devices

Last updated : 25 Nov 2011
For Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7
ShaPlusSTDInfo.exe (130 KB)
Last updated (01 Jan 2011)

Requires Java Runtimes Installed
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For Linux, Unix and Mac OS
ShaPlusSTDInfo.tar.gz (73 KB)

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Supported PC and Mobiles 

  • Java enabled Mobile phones with MIDP 2.0 support.
  • Android phone and devices
  • Windows Mobile (Pocket PC)
  • Windows XP , Windows Vista and Windows 7

Version history for Java version 

    Changes in 1.3 (29 Nov 2011)
  • Updated Lot of STD codes changed in recent years
    Changes in 1.2 (16 Feb 2011)
  • Fixed bug - restarting in some models on incoming calls and while restoring after minimize
    Changes in 1.1 (11 Feb 2010)
  • Fixed bug - State not displayed correctly in STD code search for places having same name in different states(around 50 places) 


This software is provided as it is without any guarantee of accuracy. In case you find any mistake in the software, please let us know.