ListMemoriser - Quran memorization software

ListMemoriser is for assisting in memorizing Quran and Quran sura names.

How it works

In ListMemoriser there are 2 sections, one is lister and other is tester. In lister section, the entries are listed one by one in proper order, this is for learning the order. In tester section, first 3 entries are shown shuffled, user has to select the right one from the entries, once the right one is selected, next three are shown in shuffled order. This continues till all entries are finished. No of right selections and wrong selections are shown along with time taken for completing.

Listmemoriser can be used to
  • Learn and revise the order of quran verses : In lister section, starting words of each verse is shown (up to 6 words) and complete verse is displayed in the bottom of screen. In tester section only the starting words are shown.
  • Order of Sura names in Quran : This is available in Arabic and English transliteration
 Screen Shot  of version 1.0 (Latest version is version 2.1)