BSNL Broadband Plans

BSNL offers number of Broadband plans for home and office use. Here these plans are categorised for easily finding out the best BSNL broadband plan. This is based on data from BSNL site taken on 01 May 2015 . Before selecting the plan make sure you check BSNL site for any latest changes or new plans.

The plans are categorised in 2 tables, one for limited bandwidth plans and another for unlimited bandwidth plans. Each table is sorted by monthly charges. Heading of any other columns can be clicked to sort in that order.

Limited bandwidth plans

Plan name ?Monthly charges ?Speed ?Download Limit in GB ?Additional Usage rate ?Concessional Night charge ?Is Combo Plan ?No of Free calls ?Pulse Charge ?
BBG 3753752 Mbps1.50.3 per MB till 5GB
0.15 per MB thereafter
BBG CNT Combo 6306302 Mbps2.50.3 per MBY 0.15 per MBY2501
BBG Speed Combo 294929498 Mbps600.15NY5001
BBG Speed Combo 3899 VDSL389910 Mbps1000.15NY5001
BBG Super Speed Combo 5249 VDSL524916 Mbps1250.15NY10001
BBG Super Speed Combo 7349 VDSL734924 Mbps2500.15NY10001
Note : All the above plans are available for Home and Business users

Unlimited bandwidth plans

Plan name ?Monthly charges ?Speed ?Is Combo Plan ?No of Free calls ?Pulse Charge ?
BBG UL 545545512 KbpsNNANA
BBG Combo UL 675675512 KbpsY1001
BBG ULD 7957952 Mbps till 8 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 8 GBNNANA
BBG Combo ULD 8458451 Mbps till 6 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 6 GBYNIL1
BBG Combo ULD 9459452 Mbps till 8 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 8 GBY3501
BBG Combo ULD 9999994 Mbps till 8 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 8 GBY4001
BBG ULD127512754 Mbps till 20 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 20 GBNNANA
BBG Combo ULD 144514452 Mbps till 20 GB, 1 Mbps beyond 20 GBY2501
BBG Super Speed Combo 1745 VDSL17458 Mbps till 30 GB, 512 kbps beyondY10001
BBG Combo ULD 180018002 Mbps till 40 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 40GBY501
BBG Combo ULD 225022501 Mbps till 100 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 100 GBY2501
BBG Combo ULD 279927994 Mbps till 30 GB, 2 Mbps beyond 30 GBY2501
BBG Super Speed Combo 2845 VDSL284516 Mbps till 80 GB, 512 kbps beyondY10001
BBG Super Speed Combo 3445 VDSL344524 Mbps till 80 GB, 512 kbps beyondY10001
BBG Combo ULD 350035002 Mbps till 150 GB, 512 Kbps beyond 150 GBY5001
BBG Combo ULD 630063004 Mbps till 200 GB, 1 Mbps beyond 200 GBY10001

Description of columns

Plan name
This is name you should mention in the BSNL broadband application .

Monthly charges
This is the monthly charge for the plan. If the plan is not a combo plan, then there will be additional monthly telephone rent also. In addition to monthly charge you will be charged service tax and excess usage charges if used beyond bandwidth quota (if limited bandwidth plan)

This specifies how fast your internet connection will be. Faster the speed, the web pages, videos, downloads etc will load more quicker.

Download limit (applicable for only limited plans)
This is quantity of data that can be downloaded and uploaded.

Additional Usage rate (applicable for only limited plans)
In case you cross the Download limit (mentioned above) then for each additional MB if usage this rate is charged.

Night Unlimited
Whether night unlimited usage is provided in the plan. Night unlimited usage time is from 2am to 8am. If this is available, usage during the night unlimited period is not counted in Download limit of the plan.

Home & Business Plans
Some plans are avaialble only for home users, some only for business users and some are available for both home and business users.

Combo Plan
Combo plans are plans in which there will be no additional telephone rent. In non combo plans, any other telephone plans has to be selected.

No of Free calls (if combo plan)
This is the number of free calls provided if the plan is combo plan

Pulse Charge (if combo plan)
This is charge per pulse if the Free calls limit is exceeded