BSNL Broadband usage finder

This tool is an automated way to check BSNL Broadband (dataone) usage. This tool was initially developed when BSNL usage checking website provided only session logs and did not provide total bandwidth usage. Later upon request from users lot of features were added to program.

Some features of this tool
  • Auto login to BSNL usage checking site
  • Daily total of non free and free usage( for those having night(2am to 8am) free usage)
  • Graphic display of daily usage
  • Summary of usage, daily average used , average usable, estimated bill etc.

Screenshots of BSNL Broadband usage finder

Login Screen   Log Screen
Chart Screen   Summary Screen 
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There are currently 3 different usage checking sites for BSNL as given below depending upon your account type. You can try registering at Selfcare portal given below or  Contact BSNL customer care for knowing which usage checking site is applicable for you. 
Account TypeUsage Checking site  Dataone usage finder
Selfcare portalWest region
South region
North region
East region
For North and West region
BSNL Broadband Usage KB)
Last updated : 17 April 2013

For South and East region
BSNL Broadband Usage (148 KB)
Last updated : 19 April 2013 portal

Contact BSNL customer care in your area for Portal ID and password.
BSNL Broadband Usage
Last updated : 28 Jan 2012
Users having IP address like 5x.xx.xx.xx
(check your IP here)

Contact BSNL customer care in your area for username and password
DataOne-Bandwidth (135 KB) 
Last updated : 14 Nov 2011
(Version history) 

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Version history

  • Changes in 3.1.2 (14 Nov 2011)
  • Updated with new plans
  • Custom plans option to enter plans not listed (like old BSNL plans)
  • Changes in 3.1.1 (19 Jul 2010)
  • Updated with latest plans
  • Display percentage of allotted quota used in summary
  • Changes in 3.1 (02 Jan 2010)
  • Fixed bug not working in 2010
  • Changes in 3.0 (27 Oct 2009)
  • Updated the plans to include new plans - Combo 599,  Combo 749,  Speed Combo 1111  and Rural USOF plans
  • Changes in 2.9 (27 Dec 2008)
  • Updated the plans to include new home, combo, flexi and Business plans
  • Changes in 2.8.1 (01 Jan 2008)
  • Not working in 2008 - bug fixed
  • New features in 2.8 (19 Nov 2007)
  • Add new combo plans Home 500 C and 500 C+
  • Changed revised Tax rate in estimated bill
  • New features in 2.7 (05 Jan 2007)
  • Changes in Summary tab - New fields 'Average usable' and 'Average used' excluding today. (These fields are displayed only if 'Last Recorded Date' is today.
  • No need to have MS Office installed to display chart. (chart using MS Office still retained)
  • Export data to csv format (can be opened in applications like Excel)
  • List of different dataone admin URL can be stored.
  • New features in 2.6
  • Supports revised plans introduced by BSNL from Jan 2007 onwards
  • Interface changes to check usage for 6 months
  • New features in 2.5
  • Average and Total value display in chart.
  • New summary section, displays average used per day , average usable for remaining days, compare your bandwidth in different other plans, estimated bill etc.
  • Compare total bandwidth displayed in dataone site with total of all rows to ensure that all rows has been retrieved. (It has been reported that sometimes (may be rarely), some rows are missing in log displayed at dataone site, which can result in incorrect report)
  • Those who do not have night unlimited, can turn off splitting usage into free and non free.
  • In password version, background processing while retrieving pages from dataone site is shown.
  • New features in 2.4
  • Daily total for charged and free usage
  • Corrected bug - not displaying freeusage correctly, when there is mixed usage.
  • New features in 2.3
  • Exact charged bandwidth is shown, if free usage is excluded(making use of new column in dataone website showing "traffic excluding night unlimited")
  • Bug fix in 2.2
  • Fixed a bug causing it to not function in 2006. All older versions will not work anymore.
  • Bug fix in 2.1
  • Fixed a bug causing this to not work in some login URLs of dataone admin site. If previous version of this tool was working fine, no need to update.
  • New features in 2.0(07th Nov 2005)
  • Chart display for daily usage
  • Displays Free,Mixed,NonFree rows in different colours(Customisable - Left click to set font color, right click to set row colour)
  • Display of Report using Cache data (If "Retrieve only newer records" is enabled previously)
  • Report screen is now resizable, so can display more records in larger screens
  • Bug fix in 1.3.1 (21th oct 2005)
  • Sessions overlapping both ends of free period was not included in mixed usage list. This is now corrected.
  • Changes in 1.3 (17th oct 2005)
  • Daily total display
  • Option to retrieve only newer records. Saves lot of bandwidth if you check usage often and your log runs into many pages.
  • Reports can now be saved
  • Added a Nonpassword version for those who are not willing to enter the password into this tool