How to convert SWF file to EXE file ?

Few years ago when Macromedia flash was popular, we used to have lot of flash files (swf files). But recently the support for flash files was stopped by major browsers and due to this reason, swf files won't run in browsers any more. So is there any way to run the swf flles ? or can we convert the old swf files to exe files so that these files can be run in any Windows PC or Laptop ? Yes, it is possible to run the swf files and also able to convert them to exe files.

Download Adobe Flash Player 10

First you have to download Adobe Flash Player 10. It is a software developed by Macromedia to run any swf file. After opening the file you can use file open command to locate the swf file you want to run. Once open you can convert it into exe file using the "Create Projector..." item in the File Menu.