VPA Address of Google Tez UPI app

Few days back Google launched Google Tez for payment within India using NPCI UPI system. I was eager to know the vpa address given by Google Tez, I was thinking it would be like username@google or username@tez etc. I installed the Tez app in the hope I will get the desired username.

But to the disappointment, they are not allowing username selection in Google Tez. I tried linking my State bank of India account I was automatically given an username based on my google account with @okicici . so if your gmail address is yourname@gmail.com, you will get vpa id of yourname@okicici. You have no choice in taking the desired username or domain part of the vpa address. Most of the other UPI apps give option to choose the username and some even give option choose domain name (part after @) from a list of available ones allotted for them.

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