How truecaller app works

To those who don't know about truecaller, it is an app which will show you mobile owner's name for most mobile and landline numbers. if you have internet connection, when your phone is ringing, it will show the caller name in screen fetching the name in realtime from their servers. They also provide number look up directly from their website without installing their app. But you need to login using your Microsoft or Google account.

How True caller gets this info

You may be wondering how Truecaller is able to get owner name for almost all mobile numbers. When someone install their app in their mobile phone, they send all the contacts in his mobile with name and number to their servers. In this way, they collect a huge database of name and number from all their users. Of course, same number can be stored as different names by different people. So I think their algorithm try to guess the most appropriate name using different names. But if one number appears in only one of their users contact, then they will use whatever name that user gave for that number. That is reason, sometimes instead of names TrueCaller gives titles or nicknames.

Is there a way to get removed from TrueCaller database ?

TrueCaller provides an option to remove your number from their database. you can fill up the form here to do so.