QuickLogin FAQ
  1. What is QuickLogin ?
  2. How to use QuickLogin ?
  3. What are GroupHeadings ?
  4. Why use inbuilt browser when you can use Internet Explorer ?
  5. Is Windows Vista supported ?
  6. How to arrange site login accounts and GroupHeadings ?
  7. Registering QuickLogin

What is QuickLogin ?

By using QuickLogin you can login to one or more websites in one click.

Once you enter website address, user name and password in QuickLogin, you don't have to manually enter username and password every time, just select the site name and click "Login" button to login to the site. QuickLogin can be used to check email or any other web service which require username and password. It has been tested with many login site (Yahoo, Hotmail etc...) , if any particular site is not working with QuickLogin, please contact us.

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How to use QuickLogin ?

Click the 'Add' button to add the site name, URL (web site address), username and password of the sites. Once your sites are added you can check the sites you wish to login and click "Login" to open each selected site in new window. Maximum number of sites which can be logged in at a time depends on your system resources(processor speed, memory etc..) and internet connection, so don't try to login to too many sites at a time.
Freeware version of QuickLogin can have 10 sites per each QuickLogin file, whereas registered users can have unlimited sites.

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What are GroupHeadings ?

GroupHeadings are used for grouping your login accounts. On selecting a GroupHeading all the site login accounts coming under it are selected. A new GroupHeading can be created using "Add" button and selecting the type to "GroupHeading". 

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 Why use inbuilt browser when you can use Internet Explorer ?

In version prior to 3.0, only inbuilt browsers were supported. After internet Explorer support was introduced in version 3.0, inbuilt browser is still supported. In build browser can be useful if you have multiple accounts in same site and have to login to them same time. Using Internet explorer, most sites support only once account be logged at a time.( for example, if you have multiple gmail or yahoo account).

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Is Windows Vista supported ?

Yes. In Vista, You need to run QuickLogin as adminstrator for launching sites in Internet Explorer to work. For this you need to right click QuickLogin Icon and choose "Run as administrator".

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How to arrange site login accounts and GroupHeadings ?

Site login accounts and GroupHeadings can be arranged

  • Using 'Move up' and 'Move down' buttons.
  • Dragging using left mouse button while pressing 'Ctrl' key.
  • A site can be moved from one group to another by right clicking on it and choosing "Move To Group".

Site login accounts can be grouped by placing it under a GroupHeading.

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Registering QuickLogin

Freeware version of QuickLogin can have only 10 sites, whereas registered users can have unlimited sites in QuickLogin.

You can register QuickLogin from here 

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