Add "Always on top" for all windows

Powermenu is tiny freeware which adds few menu items to standard control menu for all windows. While running it will show a Tray icon, which can be used to close the program. Closing the program will remove all the new menu items added.

The new items added are
  • Transparency - Set the transparency of any window between 0% to 100%, 0 means opaque and 100% means invisible.
  • Always on top - Any window can be set to be on top of all other windows using this option
  • Minimize to Tray - When this option is true, when that program is minimised it will stay in Tray instead of task bar
  • Priority - Specify how much priority Windows should give to the program. Default will be Normal, It can be changed to RealTime, Highest, Above Normal, Below Normal and Lowest.
You can download PowerMenu from here :