Free Quran and Islamic sofwares for java enabled mobile phones.

1. MobileReciter 1.0
Developed by :  ShaPlus Software

MobileReciter is Quran Reciter for mobile (java enable phones). Initial version with Sura Yaseen and Juz Amma is available currently. This is an advanced version of TinyQuran (listed below) with recitation added.

Features of MobileReciter
- All features of TinyQuran listed below.  
- 3 recite options. loop same verse, continous recitation or manual mode .
- Range option to loop through range of verses 

Download MobileReciter

2. TinyQuran 1.5

Developed by :  ShaPlus Software

Description : TinyQuran is a program designed to help memorise Quran for Java enabled mobile phones and handheld devices(MIDP 2.0 enabled devices).

Features of TinyQuran

- Verse by Verse listing
- Multiple bookmarks.

Limitations of TinyQuran

- Works only on phones which has Arabic support. Most recent phones do have this, but some phones don't display "thashkeel".
(For phones which support only smaller jar files, jar files less than 120 kb(only arabic) can be downloaded from )

Download TinyQuran with English Translation (Yusuf Ali) 
        TinyQuran En[YA].jar (722 KB). 
        TinyQuran En[YA].jad
Download TinyQuran with Urdu Translation (Fateh Mohammad Jalandhari) 
        TinyQuran Ur[FJ].jar (742 KB). 
        TinyQuran Ur[FJ].jad
Download TinyQuran with Indonesian Translation
        TinyQuran ID.jar (711 KB). 
        TinyQuran ID.jad

3. eIslamExplorer
Author/website :
Description : Quran software with nice display of arabic text. 2 different versions are available, one for Java mobile version and windows mobile version

4. Quran 1.0
Author/website :  Amar mechai
Download version 1.03 :  Quran.jar (321 KB)   Jad file : Quran.jad
Download version 1.01 :  Quran1.01.jar (358 KB)   Jad file : Quran1.01.jad
Description : Another program which also displays the Quran in arabic with full "Tashkeel".

5. Pocket Quran
Author/website :
Description : Free Quran softwares for variety of pocket electronic devices with complete Arabic text with "Tashkeel", search features, bookmarks etc.

6. Sala Mobile
Download : KB)
Description : This program calculates salaat/prayer times for any location. In addition to predefined locations, new locations can be entered by giving longitude and latitude. 

7. Pocket Islam 
Download : Pocket Islam
Free Quran Recitation software for Pocket PC running Windows Mobile . Nice display of Quran Arabic text and also includes optional translations in different languages.